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Swimming Pool Covers


PVC Pool Covers

The SPS PVC cover was introduced by Shadeport Systems in 1990. The SPS Cover is a product which offers the user a number of benefits. Custom fitted to the pool, it stops 99% evaporation. Enables the user to stop chlorinating the pool for periods of time. It allows for a drastic reduction in filtration time to as little as an hour per day. The SPS Cover will also prevent leaves, debris and dust from entering the pool. It is the perfect solution to minimize maintenance costs and to save on chlorine, water and electricity. It is not recommended as a safety cover.

Pool Cover


Manufactured from PVC material, the cover is durable and acts as a physical lid for your pool. Available in a range of colors (dove grey, battleship grey, new beige and dark earth), it blocks out sunglight. This prevents algae growth and allows for the reduction of chlorination and filtration. The SPS POOL COVER is fitted, resting on the water and then secured to the paving surround. The majority of the material is lower than the surrounding paving. Due to the water supporting the material, it is possible for an adult to walk or stand on the cover.